Kids Art of Charleston

Amazing Four Week Session ART Classes Offered:


  • Egret
  • Butterfly
  • Horse
  • Slug Bug
  • Tree Silouette
  • Horse
  • photos-7.jpg
  • Lady In White
  • photos-9.jpg


FREE Introductory class for all NEW students!

Tuesday thru Thursday!

Try one today! This is a limited time offer!

Can't Come to all 4 classes?
No worries, individual classes $25 each! (Does not include Friday night Classes)

Sign up for the entire 4 week session, which also comes with one Friday Kids Night out per session only 107.00 (tax inc.) - That Includes 5 classes! supplies provided. Make - up classes are any additional class during the session only Tues - Thurs. To register: Simply email us from the 'contact us' page or just walk on in!

All weekly classes are ongoing. That means that we won't repeat any projects ever! That way, your little artist can create new, fun pieces of art all year round! Summer too! Join any class at any time!



  • Li'l Artists Acrylic Painting Class

  • Our littlest artists will love exploring the world of art while learning the foundational skills of acrylic painting through animals! Canvas and acrylic paintings are created each day filled with a rainbow of colors brushed on with the love and joy of our youngest painters! Ages 5 - 8 Tuesdays: 3:30 - 5:00 or 6:00 - 7:30


  • Next Step Acrylic Painting Class

  • Kids are amazing and there is nothing they can't do when it comes to art! In this class kids learn the tricks of the trade! Using acrylic paint in this adventurous class kids will LOVE what they can do! Confidence and creativity are the combined destination of this fabulous painting journey! Ages 8 - 15 Wednesdays: 5:00 - 7:00pm

  • Mini Michelangelo Sculpters

  • Design it build it! Sculpting with ceramic clay! Students will create hand made projects everyday as they experience the joy of three dimentional art! Thursdays 3:00 - 4:30pm, Ages 5 - 15 Animal building and more!


  • Realistic Drawing Class

  • Kids will learn to draw with perspective and depth, learn to use values, shadows and master porportions in this realistic drawing experience! We will be drawing realistic animals! Horses, Dragons, and Tigers oh my! Wednesdays 3:00 - 4:30 or Thursdays: 5:00 - 6:30pm, Ages 7 - 15



See January through March session calendar below!

January Thru March Four Week Session Schedule

13th - 17th
10th - 14th
10th - 14th
20th - 24th
17th - 21st
17th - 21st
27th - 31st
24th - 28th
24th - 28th
February 3rd - 7th
March 3rd - 7th
31st - thru April 4th



Winter Break December 23rd - January 5th


Audition/Drawing Class Information

This information is only for those that wish to be instructed with audition requirements and portfolio creation.

We have continued to have much success working with children for auditions. The past 5 years are as follows: 1st year as we were moving into the studio, 7 out of 9 students were accepted, the 2nd year 14 out of 14 of our students were accepted into Rollings Middle School of the Arts (RMSA), the 3rd year we helped 28 get accepted, and our best year, our 4th year, 31 of Kids Art students were accepted into RMSA. Our fifth year we have had 23 of the 25 students we have heard back from as of yet enter Rollings as well ( We are still hearing of more kids being accepted!). Only 40 per year are accepted into the visual arts core. Thus said, the amount of time spent in our classes directly correlates with the child's success. It is highly recommended that any 5th graders have participated in our drawing class for at least one year. Also recommended is for those that wish to be in our portfolio creation classes be enrolled in September thru January drawing class sessions, as well as our Portfolio creation week which will be scheduled in mid-December. Meaning that for the most success, we suggest that children get as much exposure to our drawing curriculum as possible. Children that we have seen do the best on their portfolios have had one full year in the drawing class before entering our portfolio creation classes. Drawing is like any other skill or talent. It takes time, practice and great teaching to develop, and here at Kids Art Of Charleston, we have the best!


Kids Art Of Charleston